For decades contractors have been installing adhered stone veneer so that to the untrained eye it looks good, only to leak into the building envelope and cause massive structural deterioration down the road.

At Best Value Exteriors, we are not just stone installers, we are building envelope experts. Our process exceeds building codes and uses the best technology to achieve a waterproof building envelope. We believe in what architects refer to as “belt and suspenders” engineering. This means that we use multiple layers of protection to prevent water intrusion to the building envelope.

Our Stone Installation & Repair Services Include:

Multiple Layers of Water Resistant Barriers

Flashing of Windows Both Above and Below

Flashing of Roof Terminations and End Dam Application

Kick Out Flashings at Perpendicular Gutter Terminations

Weep-screed Application

Chimney Shoulder Protection

Proper Timing of Mortar Application

Rain Screen Application

Beautiful Stone Application

With the advanced engineering of our stone systems, we can offer a 25 year industry leading warranty which is transferrable to the next homeowner. 

We also offer other services for your stucco clad home.

We can help with Elastometric Coatings, Insulation, Roofing, Windows, and Commercial Stucco & EIFS.

We'll come to your home for a free evaluation.

Our specialists will help evaluate your project and guide you to a beautiful and affordable solution.